In 2005 we  found Maddie, our first Australian Shepherd.  We were immediately hooked on the intelligence and agility of the Aussie.  We obtained Doc and Penny also in 2005 and began our Aussie adventure.  In 2006 Jasper came into our family bringing with him remarkable talent.  We were so impressed with Jasper that we adopted Chase and Coco from the same breeder in 2007.   These wonderful aussies have now retired... Maddie, Coco and Chase have become our greeters.  We love our Aussies of all ages.

Though they are excellent herders, we wanted to add a little more working energy to our bloodlines, in 2008 we found Kaycee at Irongate Aussies, she abounds in energy and has excellent working lines.  Doc's daughter Lacey is part of our family as well as her daughter Nova, which introduced a touch of Riverview Acres, Tuckn Away Kash to our pedigrees.  

Carrying on the lines of the Aussies we cherish, we chose Levi in 2014 from Chase and Jasper as a replacement for Jasper and are excited by his build, form and  loving disposition.  Holly, Dixie and Ginger will soon become our breed dogs as well as a new red merle to be announced at a later date!  

Please explore our website to meet our 'family' and feel free to call anytime - we love to talk Aussie!