He's an amazing little guy, very smart, loves to play, could run for days ha, he's a cuddler, he's amazingly well behaved and is very protective of the house. One of the things that I love about him is how expressive his facial expressions are, you can always tell how he's feeling. And lastly, he's a butt shaker and its the most adorable thing ever!
Bosco now weighs 62lbs and hes an amazing runner, jumper, leaper he ceases to amaze me with athleticism!
~Allison Votta
Comments & Photos from our Aussie Families
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She has been accepted for search and rescue training. She is taking a "nosework" class and now and will proceed from there, She is a natural. Will keep you posted, she is the most wonderful dog anyone could have!

-~Christine Northrup

Just wanted to update you on Koda. He is doing great!!! At 8 months Koda is 52
lbs.   He is a wonderful pup, we are so pleased. He is beautiful and full of

~Chris MacDonald


Roo is doing really well - she is so sweet, very loving and completely adored by our whole family! 

~Kristie Lea Kelly

Thought I would email you a few pictures I took this morning--as you probably haven't seen anything recent!

~Stephanie Proffitt


Riley loves deer season.  He's already been out on three blood trails.  People literally call us for him anymore.  Its an odd talent for an aussie, but hey, he loves it. :)

~Rachael Winter

I thought I would send you an updated picture of Lindy since she is 1 years old now! She is certainly my sweet girl. I just love her. We are expecting our first baby in Sept so I'll be staying home when the baby comes and one of the other reasons I was excited to stay home was for Diesel (our lab) and Lindy! I know that they will be great companions for my child when he is older.

Thanks again for raising wonderful Aussies! My mom is anxious to get one some day. We check out the website often to keep up on all the beautiful new pups.

~Lesli Harlicker & Lindy


Slater's 1 Year Old Today!!

There were times I doubted whether he or I would make this milestone.  What a sassy dog.  Love him to death.  He weighs a little over 72 pounds and loves 'people food'.  Jasper and Chase sure made a beautiful puppy.

~ Rick Zorn

Thanks again for a wonderful friend and companion!!!

I "Thank You" for the Wonderful Companions you and Michael sent into my world!

~Kevin Blakely
I am very impressed with the quality and temperment of my Vegas pup I got from you!

~Alicia Newberry
Bizkit is the first purebred Aussie we added to our family and he is responsible for our love and passion for these beautiful dogs.
He is very intelligent and took to herding with a natural instinct we had never seen before.  He is a very fast study and I can teach him almost any trick in 1 or 2 lessons.
He is the “boss” around here and spends most of his day laying on our front porch. He is a very affectionate and loving dog and would not hurt a fly. He loves the new puppies and will lay there and let them use him as a jungle gym and not even blink an eye.
We are excited to bring new puppies with his genetics into this world – you could not find a better dog than this one!

~ Sky Blue Ranch
I am very impressed with the quality and temperment of my Vegas pup I got from you!

~Alicia Newberry

He is the "doggie love of my life"!!

~ Katie Book


He minds so well, it took a while but it was worth all the time it took. I will send you a picture of him this weekend


I just wanted to let you know that he is a wonderful boy!!! He is a joy to be around and everywhere we go people have to comment on how well behaved he is and how beautiful. He loves playing fetch and creates the most unique ways to get me to play with him no matter where we are at. LOL I have attached a few pictures from this winter and summer so you can see how he has grown up. Thanks again for such a wonderful addition to my family.   ~  Megan

We purchased scout from you last June. We renamed him Rumble. He will be one year old tomorrow. He is a wonderful dog and a big part of our family. He loves our 5 year old daughter and is huge part of our lives. He loves to play fetch with tennis balls and frisbees. We just wanted you guys to know he is doing well and is happy. He loves to go run around my family's 52acre ranch and go on walks with Meredith in the mornings. Here are some pictures of him. We just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful dog.

~ Colt and Meredith
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Just wanted to send you an update! Kiwi is a little over a year old now and just beautiful! Her eyes are a beautiful blue (almost white!) She is my 2 year olds shadow and such a great temperament! She is very loyal to our family and very protective!! We couldn't asked for a better dog!

~ Patricia Bustamante
Hi Nancy!
Here goes the pic for the website! And another one of me with the boys!
~ Nicolas Velez
Day 5 of new puppy. Thank you Murphy for teaching me that a pristine house is only for a pristine life, a rug is just a rug, sleep is for sissies, a very cold night is refreshing, staying busy during the day keeps you from snacking and napping, but most of all thanks for forcing me to think about someone other than myself. This is just week one, what will his lifetime teach us?
~ Delinda Mace
Ya'll make some nice puppies over there! We love our Murphy.
~ David Shumaker